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LOPESAN Villa del Conde Thalasso Experience
Lopesan Villa del Conde in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, holds the exclusive Thalasso center Corallium Villa del Conde, a magnificent beauty and wellness center located on the edge of the sea. It is an oasis devoted entirely to luxury and well-being: a center of airy interiors and exquisite decoration offers thalasso through modern spaces and seawater pools. Part of its dependencies are outdoors and there is an exclusive area called Ocean Views Suites, which have their own pools of sea water and sun terrace. These suites are a real treat, as they are a few meters from the sea, allowing you to enjoy the thalasso therapy holistically.

On check in at our hotel in Gran Canaria, at the architecturally amazing 5* Boabab Hotel in Maspalomas we booked our activities for the week. As our flight home was late in the evening we decided to visit The Villa Del Conde Spa on our last day so we could leaving the island feeling completely chilled. The first treat we were given on arrival was rubber spa sandals; after a few days walking around in flip flops, sandals and bare feet, wearing them felt like a mini foot massage. Tiny rubber bubbles on the foot bed massage your feet with each step. I even missed them so much when I got home that I ordered myself a pair online. 

Choosing to go to the spa on our last day was perfect way to end our trip, I felt completely relaxed for our journey home.  – Jen McKay

villa conde private poolsAt the Spa guests are provided with a robe, towel, shower cap and spa sandals to use for the day. The shower cap was to be worn throughout all the experience rooms, I guessed making us all look pretty silly was for an important reason such as hygiene. I began the spa experience with the heated stone beds, and within seconds I felt relaxed and a little a little exhausted so decided to take a little 10 minute nap while sporting my robe shower cap, rubber shoes and towel wrapped round my calf’s so I didn’t burn my legs – really wish my friend I had taken a picture. After my 10 minute nap we continued with the rest of the thalasso experience.

Vitality Pool

Seawater pool where the thalasso therapy circuit starts. The water’s heat and strength are used to provide different types of aquatic body massages. There are underwater bubble beds where the epidermis and the deeper skin layers are massaged from the neck to the toes resulting in deep relaxation as well as strengthening of the muscles and joints. Around the pool you can find different heated ergonomic beds inviting you to rest.

Herbal Steam Bath

A steam bath, in which tropical aromas emanate, accompanied by a luminous atmosphere which varies in line with the fragrances. It is equipped with ergonomic chairs and hot walls.

Crystal Steam Bath

An octagonal shaped steam bath where a pleasing steam of different fragrances emanates from a handmade ceramic fountain. This facility has a high humidity level and indirect illumination produced by amethyst shaped crystals. Just like the Herbal steam bath the Crystal steam bath is also equipped with heated ergonomic walls and chairs.

Finnish Sauna with light therapy

A traditional Finnish sauna where the relaxing effects are increased thanks to the use of soft colored lights. These lights come from two Chromo therapy fields in the ceiling.

Adventure Showers

Showers with different water experience programs to be selected by the guest. The first shower simulates a smooth tropical rain on the body providing at the same time a fruity fragrance. During the rain fall the shower is illuminated by a warm red light. It has also got water jets providing a pleasing lumbar massage.
The second shower provides a cold water fog accompanied by a smooth fragrance of fresh mint and a bluish illumination. It is the ideal place to cool off after using the sauna or the steam baths. In this shower there is also a water jet massaging the cervical area.

Ice Fountain

We recommend using this facility after the sauna and the steam baths as it stimulates the circulatory system.

Floatation Pool

This pool has a high concentration of salt in the water achieving an extraordinary floating sensation. Its unique light and sound system integrated inside and outside the water helps to reach a state of maximum relaxation.

Pavilion for Saline Inhalations

This is an area equipped with heated ergonomic beds and it is especially prepared for our customers to enjoy the benefits of saline inhalations. Saline inhalations are recommended for skin care and to ease and strengthen the respiratory system. They also have an important stimulating effect on the whole body.

Aromatic oil showers

The aroma shower offers a horizontal massage, combined with refreshing aromas and citrus to help physical and mental relaxation.

Kneipp Reflexology Pool

A cold water pool equipped with small stones on the ground in the style of the traditional Kneipp therapy for the stimulation of feet and legs. This treatment invigorates the defence system and provides benefits for the heart, as well as for the circulatory and nervous systems.

“Mirador” Viewpoint

An impressive terrace with marvelous views on the Atlantic Ocean, a magnificent place to enjoy unforgettable sunsets

The Nature Corner Bar (extra charge)

This bar offers a selection of natural products (with extra charge), such as fruit shakes, sandwiches and delicious desserts. It is situated next to the Vitality Pool and connected to the outdoor garden area.

c/ Mar Mediterraneo, 7. E-35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, España


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