Product Reviews from a Teenage Make Up Enthusiast

Alex Dalrymple a young teenage make up enthusiast reviews her own make up kit, find out what she has to say and how it differs from professional MUAs. You sometimes don’t need 25+ years experience in the industry, Alex knows her stuff and exactly what she is looking for when it comes to make up and the looks she creates.

NYC Smooth Skin Sunny Bronzer

Where can you buy it? : Superdrug
Price: £1.99
Pigmentation: Not very good pigmentation- it takes a lot to build up a really bronzed look, but it is good for a more natural look.
Consistency: Very light and dusty.
Lasts: Not very long, which can be a good thing if you don’t want to commit to a full on bronzer look all day.
7/10: It’s not a great bronzer for people serious about make up, but it is good if you are just starting out, or building up your kit.

Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss Shade 22306

Where can you buy it? : Fragrance Direct
Price: £1.99
Pigmentation: Unexpectedly good for lip gloss, more like a lipstick
Consistency: Light and creamy- once again more like a lipstick than a lip gloss.
Lasts: It stays on for a few hours then fades away, and it definitely doesn’t last through a meal, but it is easy to carry around so you can touch it up anytime, although because it is in a little tub, it is easier to apply with a brush or it can get quite messy.
Texture: Very smooth and not sticky as was expected as it is labelled a lip gloss.
8/10: I really like this product because it has a good consistency, great pigmentation and a nice subtle fragrance to it. The only downside is that it fades and doesn’t stay as bright as it does when you first put it on for very long, though it is impressively close to a lipstick for a lip gloss, and has shine, rather than a shimmer or sparkle, which makes your lips look more hydrated. Definitely worth more than the price.

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in ‘Iridescent Gold’

Where can you buy it? : Superdrug
Price: £3.00
Pigmentation: Not the best pigmentation but it works well enough that it shows up nicely.
Consistency: Quite light, but it doesn’t dust off easily.
Lasts: Most of the day- you might need to touch it up every now and again but it’s pretty good at staying on.
Texture: Soft and powdery.
8/10: Not the greatest highlighter, as it takes quite a lot to get the highlighted effect, but it’s really good for the price and leaves you with a nice shimmer that catches the light well. Like the NYC bronzer, it’s good if you are starting out and don’t want to spend a ton of money on products you are just trying out, but it could work for someone serious about make-up if they like more subtle definition.

Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon Matte in ‘Shade No: 6’

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £3.99
Consistency: Creamy and soft. You don’t have to drag it across the lid to get the colour to show up bright.
Lasts: It doesn’t last that long without an eye primer and creases really easily. If you aren’t using a primer you need to put powder eye shadow on top. It is best to put a little on at a time and blend out.
Texture: Smooth texture that does create lumps in the crease as you add more on.
6/10: I don’t love this eye crayon because it does slide off and crease really easily. It is also quite a hassle to put on (having to add and blend etc.). It smells a lot like an actual crayon, it looks like it does in the stick and the consistency and pigmentation is great. Kind of worth the price, but not at the same time- there are an equal amount of positives and negatives.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £4.19
Pigmentation: Really good- a little goes a long way.
Consistency: A medium consistency- a little thicker than an average liquid concealer, but the consistency makes it a better product overall.
Coverage: Great coverage- it’s a very buildable concealer so you can apply a little for a lighter coverage, or add more for a medium coverage. I wouldn’t say it is full coverage, only because it doesn’t sit on the skin in the same way as a full coverage concealer would. It gives a nice natural finish.
Lasts: Not 16 hours like it says, but it can last most of the day with a couple of touch ups. If you seal it in with powder or wear it over primer, it lasts a lot longer.
Texture: Smooth and easy to blend, though can dry the skin out a little so it’s best to put moisturiser on first, unless you have an oily skin type, in which case the concealer will look great on its own.
9/10: It’s really great and I usually don’t even bother using foundation with it, but as I have quite dry skin in general, it making my skin look dryer it is a bit of a downside, though I still use it every day and either wear a moisturising primer or a moisturiser with it. It doesn’t have the best or worst fragrance to it, but it the scent isn’t obvious, but there isn’t a very good colour range for the product. It is definitely worth the price (even though it is very inexpensive for a good concealer).

Sleek Blusher in the colour ’Rose Gold’

Where can you buy it? : Superdrug
Price: £4.49
Pigmentation: Highly pigmented. It takes a very small amount to get a great colour pay off. You get a good rose colour to gold shimmer ratio, so it looks as incredible on as it does when you swatch it.
Lasts: It doesn’t dust off, so it last pretty much all day. Once you put it on it doesn’t give any fallout or anything, and blends in with the powder rather than sitting on top of it.
10/10: I give this product 10/10, because you get the pink/rose colour as well as the gold shimmer colour, so it looks like it does in the pan. It has a nice scent to it and the colour range of this product is very wide (there is a good mix of matte and shimmer colours) and the pigmentation is great so it’s one of my favourite products. Also it looks really natural, even with the shimmer, as it blends into your powder and foundation really well.

Alex Product Reviews

Sleek Lipstick True Colour in ‘Barely There’

Where can you buy it? : Superdrug
Price: £4.99
Pigmentation: Great pigmentation- as pigmented as the blushers.
Consistency: Really creamy and soft.
Coverage: Not sheer at all, it layers up and makes the lips look hydrated.
Lasts: A few hours, then it fades slightly, but it doesn’t dry out or bleed and is easy to control and re-apply.
Texture: Smooth- doesn’t clump together when you re-apply.
9/10: Feels really moisturising when you put it on and the colour shows up as well as it does in the stick. The only issue is that it isn’t very long lasting, but it is easy to put on- you could do it easily without a mirror.

17 Skin WOW Primer

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £5.99
Consistency: Medium-Thick consistency that can feel heavy on the skin.
Lasts: Sinks into the skin almost immediately, leaving a residue that doesn’t really work as a primer.
Texture: Smooth, almost sticky feeling.
5/10: Not a great product- it makes the face look shiny/oily and the shimmer added in to make it a highlighter as well shows through other make up (foundation, concealer, powder etc.). It doesn’t make foundation or concealer stay on any longer and sometimes even makes the make-up look faker.

Rimmel London Apocalips in ‘Celestial’

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £6.49
Consistency: Light-Medium consistency. It doesn’t stick but it doesn’t drip either.
Lasts: Not very long, it fades after a couple of hours, if that, but it doesn’t smudge easily and it only dries out on the lips a little.
Texture: A very smooth texture, and isn’t sticky at all. It glides on easily and is easy to control.
9/10: Great product- it’s easy to use and the colour looks as good as it looks in the tube. The only downside is that it does fade a little and the colour doesn’t stay as bright as it seems at first, but it is still a really good lip product and worth buying.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid Touch Foundation

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £8.99
Pigmentation: Not the best, but good enough that it looks great on.
Consistency: Light/thin consistency that has a silky feel on the skin, though the light consistency allows it to crease really easily and it’s not great for acne prone skin.
Coverage: Light coverage that can be built up to medium coverage, but if you needed a foundation with lots of coverage this probably isn’t the best one because there is a limit to how buildable it is, but it feels really light when it’s on, so you can’t notice you’re wearing it and it evens out the skin tone really well.
Lasts: A few hours, so not the longest lasting, but putting powder on top of it makes it last a little longer. I wouldn’t rely on it to stay on all day by itself without powder or primer; if your skin is oily it sort of breaks up on the oily patches and makes it look obvious you are wearing make-up.
Texture: Really smooth and silky, though, like the Lasting Perfection Concealer, makes the skin look dry, which kind of contradicts how it feels when you are putting it on (it feels really moisturising but actually dries out the skin)
7/10: I use this foundation quite a lot but I couldn’t ever just use it on its own, without moisturiser or powder. The fragrance is quite similar to nail varnish which isn’t the best. It makes my skin look really dry, but the fact that it is really light, doesn’t look cakey and evens out my skin tone really well is the reason I still use it on days when I can’t just use my concealer. Not worth the price, but not super cheap either, as this could work for people who don’t need lots of coverage or don’t have dry skin.

Benefits Gimme Brow

Where can you buy it? : Boots
Price: £18.50
Consistency: Medium-Thick, so it can add volume to your brows.
Lasts: All day until you take it off; the product clings to the hairs and doesn’t budge, it’s also waterproof.
Texture: Smooth, but layering up can cause a couple of clumps, but nothing that can’t be fixed by sweeping the wand over the brows again.
10/10: Though it can clump slightly, it is an easily fixed problem; the product is easy and quick to use, and definitely makes the brows look thicker and fuller. It gives them a natural filled in effect, as if it was just you normal eyebrow. Also, even though it is a small product and is slightly on the more expensive side, it lasts ages as you don’t need a lot of it. It is a great investment.


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