Superfood Me

If you are on the hunt for a healthier look, then your first step should be to improve the way that you eat. You are a product of what you put into your body, so make sure that you are fueling yourself with only the best ingredients. Here’s a short list of essential foods for your next shopping trip:

Eggs – it’s about time that these versatile little guys are back on the ‘safe to eat’ list. The majority of our mornings are centred on an egg-based breakfast and this is due to the goodness that they contain. They are crammed full of essential vitamins and are high in protein, crucial for your body’s growth and repair. We like to look at them as natures little multivitamin!

Broccoli – this green powerhouse is the absolute king of the vegetable world. Crammed full of Vitamin C and dietary fibre, this vegetable really can’t be beaten. Vitamin C cannot be stored by the body so we need it routinely in our diet, High levels of this vitamin helps to create healthy looking hair and is involved in the production of collagen, essential for healthy looking skin.

Sweet potatoes – If you haven’t tried sweet potatoes before then we have no idea what you’re waiting for. For taste, they’re like normal potatoes on steroids! Another great source of dietary fibre, they help food pass comfortably through your digestive system. They are also loaded with Vitamin A, which is needed for healthy vision and a well functioning immune system.


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