I Tan you Skin by GlamCandy

Get yourself some sensual glowing skin with the new fake tan ‘I Tan Your Skin’ from GlamCandy, a quick-drying light self-tan foam. This tan not only tan’s your skin but is is bursting with freshness. The formula provides an instant colour and develops into a medium colour while treating your senses to freshness. Apply once for a medium tan colour, or multiple times for a deeper, darker tan. The tan can be used on the face and body.

The first time I applied the tan was before I went to bed one night, when my partner came to bed he asked me if I had just had a shower? I asked him why he asked that and he said because I was smelling so fresh… finally I don’t need to walk about smelling like out of date biscuits… Result! – Hayley

This tan is perfect for applying just before going on holiday, your skin will look awesome in your fabulous new bikini and you wont have the person sitting next to your on the plane holding their nose.


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