Emilia Clarke won’t wear red Lipstick on a Date

Emilia Clarke doesn’t think wearing red lipstick on a date is “not good” because it ruins the moment when it rubs off on your other half and they look like a clown.

The 29-year-old actress has admitted the cosmetic product is her beauty essential, but she has revealed lining her lips with a bold rouge colour when she is on a romantic date completely ruins the magical moment because it rubs off on your significant other and make leaves them looking like a circus act.

Speaking in a clip with Violet Grey online about the beauty product, which was posted to their Instagram account, the brunette beauty said: “Well it’s not good on a date that much I know. It’s when ‘Ah you look really good but I really want to kiss your face and I can’t.’ because then they look like clowns. And it just ruins the moment. Dead. It ruins the moment.

However, the star urges her friends to wear the show stopping shade and teaches her friends how to perfect the beauty trend by applying it for them.

She explained: “If I’m going out with my mates, I will do their make-up and teach them.. I also help them put on red lipstick, which I always encourage people to wear. The key is finding the right shade for you.”

Although the ‘Me Before You’ star enjoys experimenting with make-up and practicing on others, she is yet to master the “smoky eye”.

Meanwhile, Emilia – who won the Empire Hero Award at last year’s empire Awards for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ – has revealed she had another red disaster when she attempted to highlight her hair.

Speaking about the beauty blunder, she said: “One interesting episode at age four where I thought I would add in some redder highlights and make it richer. Instead of getting a richer brown I just turned my hair red. I wouldn’t do that again.”


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